Montague Balloon Fair 2014 – IS CANCELLED … FOR THIS YEAR

Sadly, this year’s Montague Balloon Fair is cancelled due to the serious conditions created by the ongoing severe draught.  Safety, for all, was the overriding concern. See full news release.

19 – 21 September, 2014

Welcome to the Montague Balloon Fair (MBF) website!

The MBF is an annual event that is hosted and managed by the Shasta Valley Rotary Club. The MBF attracts pilots and crews, fun-seekers and nature enthusiasts from all over the United States.  This family and kid friendly event caters to all ages young and old, and should not be missed.

We’re in the beautiful Shasta Valley, which spreads out in front of the north face of majestic Mt. Shasta. September is a great time to visit Shasta Valley.  Plan on attending this year’s event for an experience not to be forgotten.

Click on this  link for the timing of 2014 events.   2014 Timeline Montague Balloon Fair

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A VERY special welcome to our pilots! 

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We hope you find our new web site informative, fun, and useful. It has been designed with fun-seekers in mind.

Enjoy and be sure to check out our sponsors!


Dianne Torpin, President, Shasta Valley Rotary Club